Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture This: Day 28

(Monsters under the Bed, Mike Cressy)
Day 28:
A picture of something you are afraid of. 
This is a hard one. I am debating on posting with complete and total naked honesty that may make me more vulnerable than I ever wish to be (which is scary enough in itself), or....maybe I should admit to something surprising and silly. Do I take the easy route or the hard one?? Hmm.....
Easy route wins out...sorry.
When I was little, it wasn't so much the dark that I was afraid of, or imaginary monsters hiding under my bed, I was afraid that someone was going to come through my window in the middle of the night and take me away. I grew up when 'Code Adam' was implemented in every shopping center and when Polly Klaus was taken from her very own bedroom, during a slumber party. Neither of those poor children survived. It was a scary thing growing up.
I had a line of defense though...I thought it was a very legitimate defense at the time. The plan that I had worked out in my head was this. As long as my feet were carefully tucked under my blankets, and I stayed very, very still at any noise I heard, then a would-be kidnapper would never see me and I would be safe.
Excellent plan...right?
I thought so highly of this plan that years later when I spent my first weeks (by myself) in my first apartment (BY MYSELF!) in San Francisco, I put this plan back into action.
I had never lived in an apartment before. I never realized the walls were SO paper thin. Waking up one Saturday morning, I heard (what I thought to have been at the time) footsteps in my front room. I was scared OUT OF MY MIND! Survivor mode kicked in. Immediately I covered my feet and laid as still as I possibly could....for 2 hours!! Finally, when I thought it was safe to get up, I carefully crept out of bed and carried on with the rest of my day.
Come to find out, this was typical apartment living.
I still cover my feet, even though I now have the Pup and the Mr. to protect me.

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