Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture This: Day 20

(Spring in Paris by Isismas)
Day 20:
A picture of somewhere you would love to travel. 
Anywhere and everywhere. Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia (and now thanks to my foreign coworker) New Zealand as well.
Most of all, France. More specifically, Paris.
(Now I will tell a story that may seem to have no relation to my wanting to go to France but, in the end, will all make sense. Please bear with me.)
When my brother and I were growing up, we were very curious about a certain 'black sheep' uncle we had never met. He was quite the mystery to my brother, cousins and I that he became somewhat of a legend amongst us. Years passed and we reached early adulthood. One day my cousin casually mentions to me that she has met this mysterious uncle. I pleaded her to not spare any details. The most I got was 'Eh....not too impressed. You really aren't missing much'. I told my brother who was equally interested. A few years pass and my very own brother casually mentions that he has met this uncle, and again, I get an apathetic review. At this point, I am the only one that has not met this family member. A few years pass and, at the wedding of another family member, I meet this uncle. I have to agree, eh, he's just another guy.
I tell this story because it relates to both my mother and brother's opinion of Paris. My brother traveled to Europe and backpacked his way through for a few weeks until he reached Prague a few years ago. I have dreamed about going to Paris and when he came back he gave me the same opinion of what he gave me of our uncle....'eh'...My mom and I were not convinced and my mother vowed she would make it to Paris. A few years after that my mom traveled there with my grandmother. When she came back she let me know HER opinion of Paris....another 'eh'.
I am really hoping that Paris doesn't end up like my 'black sheep' uncle.
I feel the only way to know is to find out for myself.

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