Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture This: Day 24

Day 24:
A picture of something you wish you could change.
I am so over the central valley. I was born and raised here and when I was younger I tried to leave. At 19 I moved away to Orange County, California. I spent an amazing year there being selfish while I immersed myself in the Theater Arts program at Fullerton College. I loved, loved loved it. Then the gravitational pull of my hometown dragged me back. Fast forward five years. I made my way to San Francisco, California. Again, I spent an AMAZING year there rooming with my kid brother for his first year at SF State. Ran out of money and again was sucked back to the Bermuda Triangle in the arm pit of California. A month after I moved back, I met the Mr. and the rest is history. Now that I am a settled married lady, I get restless that we stay here in the valley. The job market has dried up and our options seem limited. In my dream of dreams I would move back to San Francisco in a heartbeat (its seems almost obvious by most of my posts) but that isn't an option that the Mr. wants to consider. At this point I wouldn't mind starting anew almost anywhere. Wherever the wind takes us, as long as we're together is fine by me.

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  1. You could totally do it! Peter and I were walking awhile ago and he observed, "Look, a dead end street named Aspirations." My response: "Only in Modesto!" Now every time I walk by that street I get sad. I have no desire to move at the moment, but Modesto really isn't too kind on the psyche of those who have more adventurous spirits, and long to be somewhere else.


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