Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture This: Day 26

Day 26:
A picture of something that means alot to you. 
I know that I rarely talk about it much anymore, but going to school to become an esthetician was a big life changing event for me. Unfortunately, right after I graduated, the Mr. lost his job and I had to look for more stable work. One day I hope to return to skin care and make it more of a career. Until then, I make it a big point to take care of my own skin.


  1. I love finding stuff out about people I like. This is really cool that you know about skin! Have you ever considered hosting skin care parties with some of your lovely baked goods and facials for an entry fee? I would come over for that and pay $20 bucks!

  2. Aww Carrie, I like you too.
    Another esthetician friend and I are always talking about hosting spa parties. Hopefully by this summer we will have more of a game plan, I will definitely keep you posted.

  3. Thanks! I'd love to come to one. I'm having severe (old skin) anxiety lately. So strange. I never worried about that kind of stuff and faced 30 with a great deal of bravado. Hrm.


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