Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet Temper Baking

(a cake fit for a princess)
I have a friend that, after much debate and personal soul searching, has decided to accept another position with another company that will give her more flexibility to spend time with her family. I am very much a firm believer that family and personal connections should come first and a career should come second. I have had money and have spent freely. I have made peanuts and have pinched pennies. When it comes down to it, you make do with what you have. When I think of my past, I remember the moments I shared with the people I loved. Not once does an eight hour shift pop into my head. I can't tell you how much money I have made and spent in my life.
I can't say that money doesn't matter at all, that would be silly for me to say. Without money The Mr. and I wouldn't have been able to spend a weekend celebrating our anniversary last year at the beach. Without money I wouldn't be able to buy my cake supplies to indulge in the hobby that I love. Which brings me back to my original story...
Today, when talking with my friend about the new adventure in front of her, we got into the discussion of where I see myself going, career wise. I told her that if given the opportunity I would go back to school, get my degree in business and open a bakery and cafe.
I have been trying to perfect sweet treats for about three years now. It all started when I took a beginning cake decorating course through the local community college and it took off from there. After spending a couple of years focused mostly on cupcakes, I have now turned my eye to tiered cakes, pies and cookies as well.
Lately it has started to take on a life all its own. I was compelled to take it to the next level.
Sweet Temper Baking was born.
Right now I am working on small batch, made to order desserts but my future goal is to turn it into more of a thriving business. I ultimately want to open a shop to include coffee service, a lunch menu AND a tea menu.
I am confident that one day soon I will pull it off and the line of making a living and doing what I love will be happily blurred.

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