Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sensing Sunday: May 08, 2011

There's a storm a comin'...

Hearing: After reading a magazine blurb, where the writer mentioned what was on her kids playlist at the moment, I have had Big Rock Candy Mountain in my head for the past two days.

Seeing: Headed over the Altamont tonight to take my brother back to the BART station for his train to San Francisco, we witnessed the most beautiful show of swirling dark storm clouds hovering over the mountain ridges. It was a sight to see.

Smelling: The Mr. just scrubbed down the counters in the kitchen. Its smells like some sort of cleaning supply, I just can't pinpoint which one.

Tasting: A lick of Dulce de Leche cupcakes I made my mum for Mother's Day...per her request of course.

Feeling: Strange, and exhausted (seems to be a theme on my Sunday posts). I had a Mother's Day heart to heart with my mum on the drive and it opened my eyes to things I am capable of and what might be in store for me in the future. Its strange to think in the terms that we talked about tonight. It wasn't a surprise though, I knew I would have to start dealing with some things that I have tried to manage through the motions of or ignored completely. I was just a little surprised that I was able to just take a deep breath and confront some reservations I have had. I still can't say what the future might hold for me but at least I feel I am moving forward again after feeling stagnant for so long.

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