Monday, May 2, 2011

Sensing Sunday: May 01, 2011

(crowds cheer tonight at Ground Zero)
What I am:
Hearing: When my brother and I were younger we spent hours and hours listening to my dad's records that he had left at my mom's house. We listened to Simon and Garfunkel and wore out the Bill Cosby comedy records. Our absolute favorite was Don McLean's American Pie. We committed every song to memory without fully understanding the true poetry of every lyric. We really impressed our father by being able to sing the entire version (all 8 minutes and 33 seconds of it) of American Pie. On the way to the store tonight, it came on over the oldies station in reaction to Bin Laden's death. I sang every word.

Seeing: The horrible, ignorant reactions to Bin Laden's death online. Some coming from my close friends.

Smelling: Ugh, the acidic smell of vinegar and hardboiled eggs. The Mr. is making spicy pickled eggs and just finished the marinade they will sit in for about a week. Good thing he is keeping his little project in the refrigerator outside. I want absolutely no part of it.

Tasting: A little sip of Diet Mountain Dew. I am going to try to go off soda (and coffee, and alcohol...) starting tomorrow. Wish me lots of luck, I think I might need it.

Feeling: A huge mix of exhausting emotions. I am so proud to be an American tonight and beaming with pride for our dedicated, unrelenting troops and our stoic President. While watching a shot of Ground Zero on the news, tears welled up in my eyes at the sting of the memories I felt the day the towers fell and the collective fear we had ten years ago. We stood by each other then, hand in hand and stood strong behind our President and each other that day and the months following. We let the enemy know that we would not be taken down.
I am sad and disgusted today. The immediate response by many that I consider friends has been unnerving. Statements like ' would think that the President went in and killed Bin Laden himself.' or 'We got one terrorist tonight lets work on the next one, Obama' make me sad that some of my fellow Americans chose to use their freedoms that our troops (and our President) work so hard, and sometimes give up their lives to protect. I cannot imagine that they are proud to serve for the purpose of Americans spitting such ignorant commentary.
My response to those cackling voices tonight...
'Tonight goes above political party alliances. Tonight we should all be proud to call ourselves Americans and stand undivided'

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