Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sensing Sunday: May 15, 2011

( could have been with THESE guys today)

Hearing: Still on the Adele kick...I can't help it.

Seeing: Indulging in one of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities, real estate shopping on the internet. Note to self; look into getting pre-approved for a home loan soon, very soon.

Smelling: My 'Downtown Amber' candle from the Target Collection

Tasting: A 'Strawberry Short Kook' Otter of my guiltiest pleasures.

Feeling: Even though I didn't make it to the 100th Bay to Breakers this weekend (very sad indeed), I am still feeling somewhat accomplished. I made a little trip to the bookstore yesterday to stock up and I purchased another couple of books online. I finished 'Men and Dogs' by Katie Crouch in, oh about, 2 days! Next up 'Death in the Afternoon' by Hemingway. Walked the 6.5 miles with dad and the dogs this morning. The Mr. went to lunch and now I am blogging away. I have a couple of other posts to write up (about yesterday's trip to the bookstore and last week's trip to the baseball game) and then a little bit of laundry and begin prep for my gigantic cake order next Saturday. Wow, after thinking about all that, all I want to do now is take a nap....zzz....

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