Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How NOT to waste a day in the Valley....

(Pretty much...)

Friday night, the Mr. convinced me to unwind by throwing back what was only supposed to be 'a couple of cocktails'. Needless to say, the stress of work last week took complete advantage of me and because I thought that Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum had an adorable design on the front of the bottle (completely disregarding the fact that it was a very potent alcohol at 92 proof, in comparison to Captain Morgan only being 70 proof) I was paying the price the next morning.
I like to unwind a bit but the older I get the more I find that I no longer look forward to the weekend as a time of getting 'wasted on white zin' as I made a habitual practice of in my early 20s. Everyone has the same wistful story. The 'when-I-was-young-I-could-drink-all-night-pass-out-at-3-AM-and-be-fine-to-work-a-couple-hours-later' story. You know, the time in your young life when all you needed was a venti of whatever with an extra shot of espresso and a couple of aspirins to be right as rain? Oh get off your know EXACTLY what I am talking about.
Saturday morning, I couldn't force myself to get out of bed and  get dressed until noon...and that wasn't even a terrible hangover. Sheesh.
At this point in my life, I hate hangovers. Not necessarily because of how miserable they physically make me feel (just you body's way of paying you back for treating it like sh*t), I hate hangovers because they make me useless for the next 12-24 hours. I absolutely hate wasting a day off.
When I was finally feeling as if I could face the day, behind a dark pair of sunglasses of course, my mind wandered on what I could do to not feel as if I missed a day of my weekend. I settled on a little trip to my local used bookstore, Yesterday's Books.
Yesterday's Books is somewhat of an institution in my hometown. It was been in business since 1980 (a year younger than myself, if you are counting...don't try too hard to figure out the math) and has outlived many of its neighbors on the most popular strip in town. I have a feeling its in part to the ever changing, thought provoking quotes posted on the large wall on the side of the building. A favorite of mine from last month? 'A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit' (Richard Bach). I love getting lost in the aisles, always finding something unintentional. I found one of my most prized possessions there, a first edition reading copy of Fitzgerald's 'The Last Tycoon'. I always find something that I never knew I wanted but soon realize that I never could have done without.
Saturday I went in, thinking I would find obscure books on local history (which I did) but left with a handful of classics. 'The Bell Jar' (Plath), 'Death in the Afternoon'(Hemingway), 'The Dangerous Summer' (another Hemingway) and 'Philosophy in the Boudoir' (Marquis de Sade) made its way into my shopping bag for the bargain price of around $20. That's about as much as I spend on one brand new book.
After meandering around the bookstore for a couple of hours, I made my way to Old Plantation Coffee. Again, this is another long standing local business that has ten times more the charm than those cookie cutter coffee houses. I walked up to the counter and ordered an iced mocha. I was fully expecting to pay the already reasonable full price when I was gently informed that it was 'Happy Hour' and that my order would  be half price. Awesomesauce! I reached in and pulled out the ol' plastic swipe card but, because of the great 'Happy Hour' deal, wasn't spending enough to use it. 'No problem, I will take that delicious looking chocolate croissant you have in the case'. (By another sure to be a fast favorite, Pure Love Baking)
I sat down with my pastry in front of me, my mocha in one hand, the Marquis de Sade in my other and caught quick glances of the Giants easing their way to another win against Chicago on the television above.
I am so glad that I didn't waste my precious day off.


  1. I love Yesterday's Books! Really need to head in there more often... hhmmm, sounds like I've been missing out on Old Plantation. Gonna have to look that one up! ;)

  2. Hey friend - I wanted to let you know that I passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you! Congrats!


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