Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Night Review

With the new job, I work three full days a week and two six hour days. I LOVE this schedule. I love working the six hour days because it makes me motivated to take advantage of those two hours that I have to myself. I think I took advantage of those hours to the fullest today.

3:00-4:30pm: I headed over to my mom's house. She is off right now and getting ready for the new school year to start (for those that don't know, she is a college professor). She decided to have a couple of small moles removed that were on her face. I hadn't really noticed them but she had and thought that, with the time off, she could get this done. When I talked to her she told me that she didn't want to leave the house because they had put stitches in her face. All she wanted was a diet cola for two days so after I got off work I made a quick stop to McDonald's to take advantage of their 'any size drink for a dollar'. Isn't this the best thing to happen this summer? When I showed up to drop off her diet Coke, I couldn't hide my reaction to seeing her face. Oh, my poor mom. She looked like ants were crawling all over the right side of her face. My heart was breaking for her. The good news is that she gets the stitches out on Sunday.

4:30-6:00pm: Normally I would go to Sephora for any beauty needs but today I thought I would give the new Ulta a try. I have a friend that is a hairstylist there and, although she works in the Salon at Ulta, I had high hopes for the rest of the store. I like that Ulta has both high end and bargain products. For some reason I will spend a small fortune on skin care but when it comes to actual makeup I stick to the cheap stuff. I didn't want to go too cheap on this trip but...well....I hate to say it but I ended up disappointed from my first trip there. I planned on testing out products in the Ulta Collection. I had picked out a mineral powder and was trying to find my shade in the tinted moisturizer I wanted. There were tons of empty holes on the shelves and when I asked someone if they had more, she keenly inspected the same shelf that I was already looking at and told me 'Oh no, we're out of that. I think we get a new shipment in on Friday...wait what's today? Thursday? Oh yeah, we get a shipment in tomorrow. ' Ok, I don't want to sound too harsh but her name tag said that she was a manager. Good grief! At least she was friendly enough. All the employees were. There was so much staff there and not very many customers, shopping there gave me the feeling of stepping on a used car lot. They did have some good 'buy two get one free' deals and I scored with products from Covergirl.

6:00-7:30pm: I need a new pair of flip flops. I lost my best pair on the Float and Bloat and thought because it is so close to fall that the stores would be putting out their new fall stuff and severely discounting their summer stock. I was hoping to score a decent pair but no such luck. I went to MJM Designer Shoes and saw some really great stuff. The new shoes they have in are super cute and they have some fantastic purses as well. I don't really need any other shoes other than flip flops and maybe a new pair of sneakers. I don't need a new purse thanks to my gorgeous birthday present from my best friend G. Next door to MJM is Burlington Coat Factory. I walked over just for the heck of it. Burlington is one of my favorite places to get fun costume jewelry for almost next to nothing. I don't think I saw one pair of flip flops. What I DID see what a fantastically tacky, 'gold chain' looking, bed-in-a-bag set. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was an 'Apple Bottom Bed-In-A-Bag'. It was too awesome to not get a picture. Unfortunately the only camera I had was the one on my phone. The 'Apple Bottom Bed-In-A-Bag' didn't make it into my shopping cart. I walked away with a new wallet and a the cutest little pearl and gold cherry pin. I have become a die hard Mad Men fan and thought that the little pin was very swinging 60s. I can't wait to wear it. The wallet I got was the type that insists that can hold everything. So far so good, it holds everything comfortably with plenty of room to spare. I was afraid that it might look a little too grandmotherly but I still feel that it looks chic. Well, chic enough.

7:30-8:00pm: I made a quick call to the Mr. and found out that he was playing softball tonight and that I was on my own for dinner. Instead of making the obligatory stop at a fast food joint, I splurged. I made a call to Sushi Garden and half an hour later I was home dining on the Tiger Roll and sipping on Diet Cherry 7-Up. For dessert...two Otter Pops. Poncho Punch and Alexander the Grape.

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