Monday, August 16, 2010

25 Little Things About Me

('The Temptress' Jack Vettriano, my favorite artist)

This was originally posted on February 2, 2009 but most of it still holds true today (although I am back to being a worker bee and am currently not in school *sad face*)

1. I really enjoy not working and going to school. I have been working nonstop for 13 years and I don't want to go back.
2. I love to read and will read almost anything that I can get my hands on.
3. I read that book The Rules when I was single and decided to test it on the next guy that I dated. That guy was the Mr. He was supposed to just be the guinea pig in my social experiment.
4. I enjoy being married much more than I ever thought that I would but there are some things about being married that have completly surprised me.
5. Even though I play it cool to some of my friends, I can't wait to be a mother.
6. I have a hard time sqeezing into my pants and for the very first time in my life I don't determine my self worth by the size of my clothes. Not that I enjoy being a fatty, its just that I don't feel like I am the scum of the earth because of it.
7. I walk with my head held high and a smile on my face almost all the time.
8. I love things that come in individual sizes (ie: cupcakes)
9. The best job that I ever had was my first one, bagging groceries. If I could have had this as my lifelong career I would have done it in a heartbeat.
10. I have been crocheting since I was 9 years old. I was the only girl in the family that learned it from my grandmother.
11. I am completely jealous of my overachieving mother and brother but am happy that I am their number one cheerleader.
12. I am horrible with money but am trying to get better.
13. I love music from the 40s, 60s and 90s.
14. I have always been a night person and have always wanted to be a morning person.
15. Sometimes I miss smoking...but I try not to resent my husband for making me quit.
16. I wish that I was a runner. I have always envied those that say "I am going for a run"
17. I want to learn french, spanish and itlaian but I have a feeling that my ego stops me.
18. I want to learn to sew, garden, paint and floral arrangment but I have a feeling that it is just sheer laziness that stops me.
19. I am still naive in the sense that I think that no one talks about me behind my back, I am always surprised to find out they do.
20. I love to learn but absolutely hate homework.
21. I have been enrolled in 5 colleges in my lifetime, not all at once though.
22. Most women say that they will be bored as a stay at home wife and mother, I think that was what I was born to do. I have enough crafts, hobbies, classes and charities that I want to work with to keep me more than busy.
23. I didn't fully realize how much I hated my last job until I quit.
24. I will sometimes avoid social situations because I just don't feel like making small talk.
25. I have never mowed a lawn in my life. It is the only 'princess' quality that I insist on maintaining.

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  1. I Love this, Jenn! I think it takes a lot to really look at yourself and know who you are, it's a whole other thing to share it. Your insight gets me thinking more about myself and the things I dive into or the things I avoid... and Why I react the way I do... Hhmmm...


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