Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sensing Sunday: March 6, 2010

(Paris Breakfast by Carol Gillott)
What I am:

Hearing: 'New Slang'-The Shins. Has been stuck in my head for two days and I don't remember hearing it lately. When I found this video of it over Garden State, it started to make sense to me.
Seeing: Getting ready to start my lil French movie marathon. Marie Antoinette, Moulin Rouge and Chocolat. Thinking of watching them in chronological order. Or maybe in reverse chronological order?

Smelling: My French Cassis candle from Cost Plus World Market.

Tasting: Nothing, yet. Thinking of making some madeleines and a pot of Cafe Du Monde coffee to go with my flicks. I am saving making the beignets for Tuesday.

Feeling: I have been somewhat out of it lately (hence my Garden State reference). It has been a very stressful week and I haven't felt at all like myself. I am forcing myself to enjoy the time off of work that I have and doing things that make me happy. Today I am escaping to Paris via French movies and French food.


  1. What a great game plan to jog yourself out of the funk!


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