Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pie of the Month

In my defense, this is how I made my marshmallows over the campfire as well. First I burnt the bejeezes out of them and then I peeled off the burnt skin. My s'mores still turned out fantastic.
I had mentioned that I thought I might try to make a cake a month as part of the 'doing what I say I am going to do' New Year resolution I made. I changed it up just a bit and decided that pie was the way to go. I gave some thought to cake, I researched recipes but I felt that I might get a little bored with cake.
This month I decided I would make S'mores Pie. The crust would be graham cracker of course, a truffle chocolate filling and a marshmallow meringue. I was not going to use any recipe but come up with my own. When I told the Mr. his only response was 'This should be interesting.'
It was a two day process and when the pie was completed and I had my first taste, he was right. It
In my opinion it wasn't so bad to be deemed 'God awful' but it wasn't the best thing I had made either. I am fairly confident that I know where I made mistakes and where I can fix them, that's a good sign. When I have perfected the recipe (anticipating many test runs in the near future), I will share it. Until then, you will have to imagine a better version of what I had with my afternoon tea today.

**Side note, 6 years ago today, the Mr. and I dined on Mahi Mahi and Heineken telling each other our life stories for the first time. Afterwards we both suffered awkwardly through the Aviator for the next 3 hours. We have been together ever since. Happy Anniversary, I love you more today than the day of our first date.

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