Wednesday, March 7, 2012


With the spurts of cleaning I have gone through lately, I have to say that the feeling of spring has definitely sprung in my home. I emptied out half of my closet and donated it to the local Goodwill. A couple of days later I followed up with a second trip after I eliminated two bags of shoes and whittled my collection to only 17 pairs. No room is safe in the house because I want to get rid of everything. At least everything that I don't need or haven't touched in the last year or two.
Yesterday was the day that I tackled the front room. I used another Pinterest find to help me navigate my way with a weekly cleaning schedule. I was able to manage the daily chores that were recommended in about 30 minutes, give or take. The cleaning for the living room on the other hand took me hours to finish. I am hoping that after the first week it will get easier. The only substitution I made was for Thursday. I don't have children which means I don't have a kid's bathroom. I subbed this day out for the office and spare bedroom and will pretty much follow the guidelines for the living room and master bedroom.
With the front of the house clean, I decided that it needed just one more touch. I headed out to Trader Joe's and picked up a bunch of flowers. Can you believe that this gorgeous bouquet only cost me $9.99?
Last night I took on another project from Pinterest. I made a spring wreath. I had debated on making a St. Patrick's Day wreath, since it is my favorite holiday (I have no idea why but I look forward to it every year) but decided to go with a longer lasting spring wreath instead. I know that it isn't officially spring yet but in California with its temperate weather it might as well be. I used a couple of ideas learned from the pins I had saved. First up, because I am a cheapie, I made my foam wreath (found HERE) instead of forking out for the high price I saw it for at the local craft store. I took it one step further and took a wire hanger from the dry cleaners and stuffed it in the middle of the foam to reinforce it. I found out the hard way when the last wreath I made ended up more oblong than round. Next I followed THIS tutorial. Instead of using a flower garland I used inexpensive fake flowers I found for 50% off at the Hobby Lobby and stuck pins with yellow heads through them to attach to the wreath. I was very happy with the results (although I still struggle making bows, grr...).

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