Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

As you may have guessed by the lack of posting, I am again in the working world. No more wiling away my time catatonic in front of Pinterest ('See More Pins'? It begs me. How can I not?) I have redecorated my house about a gazillion times thanks to that website, all in my head of course. And just like every other pinner out there, I have both fantasized about glorious baked goods and exercise regimens...simultaneously.  Talk about setting someone up for failure...
But I digress. 
With this new job is the attempt at a brand new me. The Mr. spent a few weeks visiting his family in the Midwest so I took that time to reflect inward. I wanted to make some changes. One was to become more like a duck and let everything run right off me and not let myself get affected by things that I had limited control over. I have a few moments where anxiety takes over and I start to freak out but for the most part I am much more relaxed. The other was make some superficial changes. I am now a blonde thanks to Cocodoodle. I haven't figured out if they truly do have more fun but I will keep you updated. The other was to again try to battle the bulge. 
Being a little plump growing up, I had been on every diet imaginable since about the age of nine. Just at the start of the year I dropped 10 pounds in 10 days doing the Master Cleanse. Not the healthiest of means to lose weight, but effective. Within 3 months the weight had gradually crept back. I overindulged quite a bit with the Mr. away and vowed to myself to be strict in my eating habits when he returned. Over the course of three weeks I melted away 10 pounds just by watching what I ate and the portions that I consumed. 
My new boss at my new job mentioned that he had lost 40 pounds on the 17 Day Diet. He wouldn't shut up about it. I let it go through one ear and out the other for a few weeks until a friend of mine had mentioned that it was working for her sister. I did some research and read the reviews. There wasn't a bad one out there. I bought the book and waited for its delivery. 
I started the diet four days ago and so far have lost five pounds. 
Amazing, right? It takes a bit of work but it is doable. Let me share some of what works for me. 
Planning is EVERYTHING for me! 
The night before I started I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, chopping vegetables, bagging up fruit, baking hand held egg cups, making beefed up broccoli meatloaf and faux mashed potatoes. I was excited for the next day. 
I am not an egg fan and dressed these eggs up as much as I could. The first day I let myself believe that they were delicious, the second day they 'weren't that bad'. By the third day, I could barely look at them. The egg cups were a success, but like I said I am not that much of an egg fan. 
Onto the meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The meatloaf was ok. I made it with ground turkey and doubled its size by added shredded broccoli. In the end all I really tasted was the broccoli. I need to work on that recipe still. The faux mashed potatoes, in my opinion, weren't fooling anyone. Pulverized cauliflower still tastes like cauliflower to me...yuck!
As long as everything is planned out it is an easy diet to stick to because you can actually eat. 
Tonight is Eggplant Parmigiana. Mmmmm...

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