Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sensing Sunday: April 3, 2011

(a little part of what I was working on today...)

Hearing: I heard this on the radio yesterday and its been running on repeat in my head ever since. It reminds me of when I was a high school freshman sporting my black body suit, plaid shorts, denim vest and dangling earrings all purchased from Clothestime. Ah memories!

Seeing: 'The Shawshank Redemption' over my shoulder on AMC. Although I love this movie, AMC this is no apology for your delay of the next season of Mad Men. Everytime I think of what you've done, only a stream of obscenities want to leave my mouth. What the $#&@ am I supposed to do until 2012?!?!

Smelling: Coffee, my lifeline.

Tasting: A ghetto s'mores. Graham cracker, Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff. On second thought, maybe just the opposite of ghetto, maybe a classy s'mores?

Feeling: Physically and creatively drained. Yesterday I tortured myself and took on three back to back classes at the gym (side note: I am in LOVE with the last one I took. I will be returning over and over again to the Burn Out class at Full Force Personal Training!) and I exhausted myself creatively today working for hours on launching Sweet Temper Baking. Full blog post on that to come soon!


  1. @hearing - Oh no you didn't!! lol love the visual on your rockin outfit from freshman year bwahahahaha :)

    I also love the tasting!! ;) Nutella in da hoooooooouse, what what!!

  2. Love it! ALL. Wow, bodysuits...that took me back.


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