Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Night at Tresetti's

Last night, Cocodoodle (along with her 'fine food obsessed' sister) and I ventured out to my absolute favorite spot in town. Tresetti's.
I have lived in the same mid sized town for the majority of my life, only twice being able to escape. Once to Southern California and once to San Francisco. I have visited pretty much every eatery and bar in town. I have seen the good, and I have seen the downright deplorable. Over and over again I find myself returning to only one.
Tresetti's has been my go-to for the past ten years. I have seen the decorative changes but the atmosphere has always been the same, a mix of the young and old all with exceptional taste; smart, dry, wit and always with a relaxed smile.
I have returned so many times that I now have an absolute favorite waitress as well. Jessica knows my order by heart. Even when I pretend that I might change it, she always calls my bluff. She helped define my signature drink for me when only at Tresetti's. She pours me half vanilla vodka and half chai liquor over ice. And the figurative cherry on top? A dash of cinnamon scattered over the top of the concoction. If I am not feeling too decadent there is always a decent Cab being poured as the house wine or I stick to my standard, a gin and tonic (which is always crafted to perfection).
I explored the menu only a little bit before I settled forever on, what I consider, the two stars of the show. The 'Brie and Roasted Garlic' appetizer and I always finish it up with the 'Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee'.  When I dive into the brie and garlic, a instinctive reaction takes over at the memory of the all the times I have had it before. When I first had the creme brulee, I had thought it too fancy and too much of a decadence to not pair it with a glass of champagne every time I ordered it. I have since spoiled myself too much and sometimes only pair it with a cup of coffee.
I love the special occasions that Tresetti's pulls all the stops for. I have taken my mother there for a special mother's day brunch (which she still talks about to this day). I have been safely seated, watching the madness of XFest, while dining on another exceptional prix fixe meal. I think their best event is almost always what they prepare for Mardi Gras.
Last night, as we were getting ready to leave, I realized another reason I love this place. The music selection over the speakers took me right back to my younger days and made me feel like I did the first time I walked into the place 10 years ago. Can't beat a night of classy cocktails, fancy dessert and Snoop Dogg.

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