Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sensing Sunday: April 17, 2011

(San Francisco Giants: World Series 2010)
Hearing: The Mr. and I watched VH1's '40 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 90's' and, after a couple of glasses of wine, I seemed to remember every one of them with drunk girl gusto. I might have let out a few embarrassing 'Ooh this was my jam back in 1994 (pretty much through 1999)!' With this one I remember being very disturbed that whenever it came on in the car my mother would crank it up....

Seeing: Finally something other than the Giants play in Arizona for four hours today. I think I might have taken not one, but two catnaps during the game that went 12 innings with the Giants losing 6-5. With the two pitches that doubled over both a Giant and a Diamondback, I think it was more painful to play today than to watch. I can't wait until Cody Ross gets back into the game. I miss my 'baseball boyfriend' (don't worry the Mr. knows all about it)

Smelling: My shampoo and conditioner. Still in my pajamas but at least I managed a shower.

Tasting: Nothing, yet. I am hoping to test out a new cupcake recipe that I have been dreaming about all week. Dulce de Leche cupcakes...mmm....

Feeling: Like the weekend was way too short this week. I feel as if I didn't get anything accomplished. I have to remind myself that I wasn't a complete lump. I did our taxes (ugh, don't ask), took a little drive to look at some potential property (since the Mr. is letting me indulge in my daydreams this week), did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (I LOVE that place) and tackled some laundry. I didn't have to clean the house this weekend, the Mr. did it for me. What a swell guy!

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