Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy or lazy? You decide....

Courtesy of Cakespy

Dear 'four-and-a-half-readers-that-read-my-little-musings',
I am so sorry that I have been somewhat absent from The Sour and The Sweet. I have been busy (ok, lazy?) and have not had a chance to post a legitimate update. I promise to soon tell you all about 'La Soiree' in San Francisco with my friend Cocodoodle; the Hand Born Craft Fair the day after Thanksgiving with a stop at my favorite restaurant, Tresetti's; and my missed opportunity to sail around Greece this summer with my brother (that last one might be a depressing entry). Give me some time and I promise that I will get it together. Hopefully before the new year. In the meantime enjoy some Xtina Aguilera (just because I like spelling her name that way) and the latest from Hyperbole and a Half (those that find this as hysterical as I do can be my best friend forever). Oh and food for thought? IS pie the new cupcake? Maybe so....


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