Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Conversation Between Siblings

In honor of my brother who celebrated his 29th birthday this week (the saddest of all the birthdays):

Found in my text log from October 28, 2010 (same day as game 2 in the World Series):

Sister: That game was retarded! Wicked retarded!

Brother: I was in class. We were updating the score on the chalkboard. Would've been fun to watch.

Sister: It just got kinda embarrassing in the 8th for the Rangers. I think I liked yesterday's better when Uribe scored that triple. That was awesome!

Brother: Yeah. I see what you mean. Still maybe now the Giants might finally start getting some respect. Sportscasters have been talking about how SF got this far on a series of flukes.

Sister: I know. I have a friend that tried to listen to some of the games on the radio instead because she couldn't stand listening to Joe Buck (I think it was Joe Buck)

Brother: Yeah. There is a lot of people in SF who watch the game on mute but listen to the local sports announcers on the radio.

Sister: Ha...oh BTW I have about 70 pages left of The Girl Who Played with Fire, I would have been done with it by now if it wasn't for the stinkin' World Series.
I like it better than the first one.

Brother: The last one is only in hardcover. Just so you know.

Sister: I know :( I might have to splurge (or borrow). I think Andrea read the series so maybe she has a copy to lend.

Brother: Check the library also.

Sister: 2 months till Archer...just sayin'...

Brother: Word.

Sister: All right peace out y'all...

Brother: Peace out y'all. *Donnie types extra loud getting weird looks from people on the bus*
(Side note: My brother and I force each other to say this at the end of every phone conversation. It is especially fun for the other when one is in a public place or with other people. Then we force that person to say it louder than usual)

Sister: *Jenny rolls eye in complete disbelief*

Brother: Whatever. I am hilarious. Bye.

Sister: a daiquiri holding, unicorn lovin' kinda way (which you should totally be for Halloween)...bye.

Brother: Or in a Steve McQueen roadhalling Osama Bin Laden across an active volcano kind of way.

Sister: Oh one more thing, did you see the article about the World Series on the Onion? Hilarious.
Uh...isn't there still some gay subtext with McQueen? But I like the volcano part...totally not gay at all.

Brother: 2 things. I haven't seen the Onion thing yet and nothing about McQueen or fans of McQueen is gay. A mean look from him could make both Chuck Norris and the Old Spice guy go sisssies in their pants out of fear.

Sister: But the volcano...anything you want to retract from that?

Brother: There is nothing gay about geological processes.

Sister: Whatever. If I have to have this argument with you then I am just wasting my breath. Apparently you are not ready to be honest with yourself yet. Its ok, mom and I will still love you. It might take a while for dad but he will come around. He already told me that he is ok with adopted grandchildren. Its ok if DHW4 (my brother is a third, he has already promised my father that his first son will be a fourth) is Chinese, or black even. Dad's cool with that (the adoption part is totally true BTW. Dad and I had a conversation about it when he was pressuring me to make him a grandpa....long story)

At this point in the conversation my brother called me on the phone to hear the adoption story.

Happy Birthday Kid Brother!

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