Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Back

In an effort to save a little bit of dough, I cancelled the internet and the cable at our house about two months ago. I know, I in the world did I manage??? I think my husband had a tougher time than I did, I think I managed just fine. It made me learn to appreciate things that I had forgotten about. I crocheted more, I read more, I spent more time with my husband. I took on other projects like researching for a book that I might try to write and reading my bible more. It forced my husband to watch the entire run of The West Wing and the first two seasons of Mad Men (two of my absolute favorite shows). Not having the internet made me focus on myself more and not so much on what everyone else was doing. I feel that I am much more in tuned with my goals and ambitions and feel much more prepared to make them happen for myself. All in all it was a pretty good little experiment and experience.
If it worked so well, why did I cave and get cable and internet again? I have to say that I honestly needed it. I got a brand new job! Woo hoo, yay me! I have to be able to communicate with my coworkers because I will be doing tons of work at home late into the night.
I'm back. I will try to start updating again and might throw out more about what is going on in my life, then again I have a feeling that I will be extremely busy and might start slipping. I will try my hardest not to let that happen.

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