Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My birthday has come and gone but Christmas isn't that far off...

Things to add to my wish list. I'm just sayin'...

These can be found HERE
I have had my eye on these for awhile now.
These I found today!
They can be found HERE
For those that don't know, I love all things cupcakes and especially love to make them. I have a gazillion pictures of some of the ones that I have made (one day I will have to get some up here). I couldn't imagine that they could be any more fun to make, that is until I saw these two items. I am not above having my friendship bought. For somewhere around $35.00 I will gladly put it up for sale.


  1. well, you know, my birthday IS around the corner and these are fucking fantastic. you can easily find the spoons on ebay, btw, since i notice the shop you link to is sold out.

  2. Yeah, I noticed it too after I posted it :( Oh and the measuring cups won't be available until next month anyway. I should be getting an email when they are available.


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