Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sensing Sunday: June 26, 2011

My little weekend project....

Hearing: 'Feels Like Home'-Chantal Kreviazuk

Seeing: 'Marley and Me' on the television behind me. I read the book on our honeymoon cruise and made the mistake of reading the last few chapters while lounging on a deck chair in the middle of hundreds of strangers. I ended up trying to hide the sobbing behind a pair of over-sized sunglasses. At least I was among strangers and never had to face those confused people again.

Smelling: The collection of candles I have lit on the mantle.

Tasting: Ice cold water. I feel completely dehydrated this weekend and this water is really the only cure.

Feeling: Kinda sluggish. After the marathon baking session on Friday night/ Saturday morning; weekend yard selling; Saturday afternoon cocktails poolside (that went into the wee hours of Sunday morning), and walking the dogs with dad a handful of hours later, I laid down for what turned into a six hour nap. Now I am awake when I should be winding down for bed. Instead I am up trying not to think of the insane work week in front of me.
Hope everyone had a very happy weekend!

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