Sunday, September 5, 2010

Headed West

No one wanted to go to the balloon festival with me. I begged the Mr. all week and was hopeful that he would go with me but he bailed at the 11th hour. I was left to go by myself. I wish that I had an earlier start because by the time I got to Color the Skies it was already 8:00 AM and most of the hot air balloons were already down for the morning.
Lowlights of my time there:
I missed most of the balloons.
I didn't stay long enough for the Patriots Jet Team
I missed my chance to go up in a hot air balloon for the bargain price of $10
I paid $5 parking and was only there about 45 minutes.
I had to go alone. I wasn't sure if dogs were allowed and when I got there I realized that I could have forced the dog to go with me. Unlike the Mr., she really has no choice in the matter.
Highlights of my time there:
All the bright colors turned up fantastically in the pictures I took.
The kite show was in full force.
I got a parking space right up front on account that someone was leaving.
The weather was gorgeous.
It wasn't too crowded.
...and the best part of my time there?
 On my way out of the parking lot I noticed the cutest older couple walking in holding hands. I had just enough time to grab the camera and snap a picture before they disappeared into the crowd.
The Festival
The Hot Air Balloons
The Happy Couple

After I left the festival I wasn't ready to go home yet. I was feeling adventurous and started to travel West. I called my brother to see if he had any time to meet up before he went to work if only for a few hours. No answer. I decided to keep driving and came up with a plan to head to Ikea. I hadn't been there in forever and a day and, although I barely had a dime to my name, thought that maybe I would just take a look. My brother returned my call when I had reached Livermore (about the halfway point from where I live to SF). I changed my plans again and headed into the city. It was a beautiful day and by the time I got there it was that grey area  between breakfast and lunch. You know, brunch. My brother and I took a walk through his neighborhood and ended up at Judy's on Chestnut. He ordered the Sourdough French Toast with Strawberries and I followed suit. We split an order of the Apple Sausage and we each had coffee and a glass of water. First up was the coffee. It was amazing. I took a sip and it stopped me in mid conversation. I can't pinpoint what it was, some earthy berry flavor...I don't know, whatever it was it gave it a very unique flavor. Next came the french toast and it was to die for and the sausage was the same. Everything was absolutely divine. For some reason, everything taste better in San Francisco. To work off our brunch and to kill time before my brother had to be at work, we walked around the Marina. As we walked by St. Francis Yacht Club (or as my brother and other 'locals' call it, St. Fancy Yacht Club on account of all the hoity toity rich patrons), I got a quick education on sailboats and a little history of the club. We walked alongside Chrissy Field and though the Palace of Fine Arts. Up a few more blocks we were back in the Presidio. I brag all the time of the sweet sweet neighborhood that my brother lives in and this time I got the pictures to prove it. We ended our trip with me dropping him off at the bookstore he works at on Chestnut and then I headed home.
This is Judy's and this is what we ate. The top was the before and don't worry, although I wasted a bit of food, I didn't finish it all. The bottom right made me laugh because every table had a 'pot of jam' and for some reason it reminded me of Six Degrees of Separation.
This is literally my brother's neighborhood. I wasn't kidding when I said he lives in a forest. The bottom right picture is what I called 'The Secret Starbucks' because during the weekend it stays pretty empty even though it has some of the best views of the entire city. Shhh...don't tell a soul.
This is from our walk around the St. Francis Yacht Club, Chrissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts. 
I wanted to show what I am openly jealous of...see that white truck in the first frame? That is where I get to park when I visit. There is always a spot waiting for me in a city that stops people from visiting because of its shortage of parking. The second frame is one street over from my brother's apartment, could you just die? The third is on the corner across the street where he lives...nothing but meadow. Not fair. 

On my way home I decided to detour and take Altamont Pass Road. Instead of going through the Altamont, I drove somewhat around it. Without wasting much time, I was given a completely different view of the pass. 

That was my a nutshell. 


  1. Love it, Jenn! I need to have days like that with the boys more often. Now so bummed that we didn't head to the balloon festival later in the day... Ahh..,. next year for sure! We'll tag along with ya, forget about the Mr.! :)

  2. Aw, thanks Ellen! You can tag and the gang can tag along anytime!


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